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Staircases, railings and canopies

A few projects which have been carried out by ATM in recent years :

1. North Galaxy in Brussels (2004)

Stainless steel claddings and stainless stell ventilation grills in entrance hall. Stell canopy with stainless steel cladding at main entrance.

Lacquered expanded metal ceilings on ground floor and in hall F. Total quantity : ca 4500 m².

3. Belliard (2003)

Fixed solar protections made of curved perforated sheets. Railing and staircases.

2. Berlaymont (2003)

4. Port Building in Antwerp - Brouwersvliet (2001)

Motorised aluminium solar protections in steel frames on the facades of the building. Aluminium joinery. Glazed walls in steel frames in the managers' offices

5. Boreal Project (Proximus building at the North Station in Brussels) (2000)

Stainless steel column claddings.

6. "Van Maerlandt" project in Brussels (2000)

Steel railings, coated in RAL 9010.

7. UCB center in Anderlecht (1998)

Self-supporting spiral staircases, with granite steps. Railings of laminated glass (2 x 6 mm with resin coating produced by UCB) with stainless steel handrails. Curved foodbridge, suspended on stainless steel rods. Spiral stairs with self-supporting steps, filed with laminated and sandblasted glass

8. D3 building in Brussels (1996)

Around 600 m of railings and 300 m of handrails on the 5 fire escapes and the 2 decorative staircases next to the main entrance.

9. Botanique, Brussels (1995)

Steel enclosures and gates around the entire area ( around 1 km).

10. Flemish parliament (1995)

Stainless steel claddings around the concrete columns of 2 stairwells, on a frame of tubular steel and bent stainless steel panels, polished grain 320, suspended by means of hook attachments.

Steel frames are installed on the walls in the multi-purpose hall with visible stretched stainless steel wire mesh and underlying acoustical materials.

11. Kinepolis Hasselt (1995)

Staircase above entrance hall and glass railings with wood handrails

12. Procter & Gamble in Strombeek - Bever (1994)

In the western atrium ATM installed a steel spiral staircase. The railings and parapets were created in glass wiht stainless steel handrails. The eastern atrium was given a different look. The handrails on the concrete spiral staircase and the railings were created entirely in decorative stainless steel.

3 canopies 4,5 m x 6 m, fitted with glass sheets.

13. Shopping Center Wijnegem (1992)

More than 1 km in steel railings with wooden handrail.

14. Procter & Gamble in Strombeek - Bever (1991)

The parapets for the spiral staircase and the first and second floor were created by ATM with laminated glass and stainless steel handrails.

15. Chrysler

11 m high spiral stairs, entirely in stainless steel, with glass railings